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Personal Training & Massage Therapy

The body is designed to function optimally, and without pain. - William Hurst, M.D., cardiologist.

Jan's skills enhance the movers and shakers of the body.

Muscles make the body move. The Interstitia & fascia hold the body together and keep it working as one integral and fluid unit.

Keeping these healthy minimizes chances for pain and disease. 

 For over 25 years, Jan Shaw has designed exercise for metabolic, cardiac, respiratory, physical, work injury and spinal rehabilitations.

For over 20 years she has provided therapeutic massage for problems from head to toe. 

An Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage/Bodywork Therapist (SC# 1935),  Jan knows how to help you progress to your next desired level of health and function, even if it's just a little bit beyond where you currently are. 


Personal Training

Personal Training
Jan Shaw has worked in partnership with  physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and case managers since 1986.

She is most effective with the "baby boomer" and "Gen-X" generations.      (born 1944-1981)

Her Personal Training is designed for general exercise or specific functional goals, such as improved strength and endurance, post-rehab conditioning, or medical diagnosis management.

"I consider myself a step beyond Physical Therapy, and often interwoven with it, and a step before the typical gym trainer. I fill that niche, and it's a wide niche." 

"I would say that the majority of people fall into this niche in the continuum between medical disability and exercise enthusiast. The problem with this segment of the health continuum is that people, generally, get along pretty well, with the occassional dip into the need for physical therapy, or medications."

"Wthout regular physical activity challenging enough to keep the heart rate up, the breathing up, people in this niche will find themselves cascading, gradually,  toward more and more medical necessity. That is not where we want to go."

"Chock" the tires!

Don't slide any further!

Get up and get active!

Find activities that are suitable for your state of health and ability.

Do them regularly on most days of the week.

Choose a variety so to use all of your different muscles.

If you need help getting started, help keeping on schedule, help knowing what is safe for you and what is not, that's where I can help you. 

Call or text me at 

(803) 360-7895

"Your path to better health is just a step away."  -- Jan

Personal Training

Massage Therapy

Message Therapy

When the body hurts or doesn't move well, most people would rather fix the root of the problem than falsley masque it with drugs.

The John Barnes Myofascial Release method targets the root of the problem. 

 Pioneered by John F. Barnes, P.T. over  fifty years ago, MFR targets the connective webbing of the body , the fascia, (pronounced with a short "a"), an integral part of the now recognized Interstitium. 

 These tissues should move freely, like a superbly made internal web whose only sensations are comfort, support and ease. 

However, this webbing can become slack or stuck, compressing joints together, twisting organs, and clamping down on nerves.

Unlike most other techniques, MFR begins lightly and progresses to deep as the tissues relax and safely allow. It doesn't dig in. It doesn't strip the tissues. It is safe and comfortable.

It is effective for

  • Regional Pain Syndromes or problems that are very sensitive to touch or pressure  
  • Acute arthritis, soft tissue arthritic syndromes
  • decreased range of motion (AROM) left behind from injury or surgery
  • Acute problems that just developed
  • Chronic problems as old as decades
  • Posture that is pulled off center, out of alignment

MFR dovetails wonderfully with Physical Therapy or Chiropractic care.  Many of Jan's clients are referred from P.T.

Since specializing in MFR in 2009, Jan's  treatments have resolved most symptoms within 3-6 sessions. A huge financial savings over most other treatment options. 

If you're not sure if you'll benefit from MFR therapy, book a $29 Tuesday half-hour session to try it out. 

"I look forward to enhancing your life's movements."  -- Jan

Massage Therapy

What is the Interstitium?

Pronounced, "inter STISHum", strictly means, "the spaces within an organ or tissue" (Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Edition 18).

Physicians have developed an increasing facination with the tissue they once simply deemed a fibrous connection between the skin and muscles.  But recent research  has revealed that this complex lattice of thick collagen bundles plays a vital role in controlling, and managing,  the fluid filled spaces within the body. And since our bodies are around 80% fluid, that is a vital and dynamic role to play!

The interstitium is "subject to intermittant or rhythmic compression...". It is shock absorbing and allows movement of the fluids and tissues within it. 

In a recent article, "Structure and Distribution of an Unrecognized Interstitium in Human Tissues", Benias, et al., Scientific Reports, 8 May 10, 2018 (Article # 4947), the interstitium is called "mechanically important" in explaining edema, lymphedema, bile and bowel obstructions.

It is vital in the entire GI tract, urinary bladder, skin, lungs, arteries, pancreas, bile ducts, fascia, muscles, and fat. 

It is integral with the development of keloid scars - described as an exaggeration of collagen fibers under the skin under high tension.

But John F. Barnes, P.T., already knew that. 

For fifty years, John Barnes has been pioneering his Myofascial Release technique, to address and correct dysfunctions of the interstitia. 

"Functionally, the fascia serves to surround and infuse every structure and therefore helps to support and protect the structures. It creates separation between vessels, organs, bones and muscles. Fascia also creates space through which delicate nerves, blood vessels and fluids must pass." (Craniosacral Therapy, John Upleadger).

Myofascial Release treats the Fascial system, addresses the Interstitium, repairs dysfunctions that create drag on the body and reduce movement of fluids between and within organs. 

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