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Personal Training & Massage Therapy

The body is designed to function optimally, and without pain. - William Hurst, M.D., cardiologist.

 Jan Shaw supports this philosophy, balancing the body's postures and movements through exercise and soft tissue mobilization (massage therapy).

Bodies need maintenance to stay healthy, bodily neglect, or even good intentions, can result in injury or medical problems.

 For over 25 years, Jan Shaw has designed exercise for cardiac, respiratory, physical, work injury and spinal rehabilitations, and applied therapeutic massage for problems from head to toe. 

An Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage/Bodywork Therapist (SC# 1935), Jan knows how to help you progress to your next desired level of health and function, even if it's just a little bit beyond where you currently are. 


Jan Shaw Personal Training & Massage Therapy has three options to choose from:

Personal Training

Personal Training
Jan Shaw has worked in partnership with  physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and case managers since 1986.

She is most effective with the "baby boomer" and "Gen-X" generations.      (born 1944-1981)

Her Personal Training is designed for general exercise or specific functional goals, such as improved strength and endurance, post-rehab conditioning, or medical diagnoses.

Personal Training

Massage Therapy

Message Therapy

Jan primarily uses Myofacial Release Massage Therapy (MFR) to treat movement dysfunctions & painful body parts, and to accelerate post-surgical therapy results. MFR is a therapeutic massage specialty pioneered by John F. Barnes, P.T. about fifty years ago.

Like most massage techniques, it loosens restricted movements, reduces pain in joints, and improves freedom of movement.

Unlike most other techniques, MFR begins lightly and progresses to deep as the tissues relax and comfortably allow. It is effective for deep restrictions or problems that are very sensitive to touch or pressure.   

It works beautifully to improve decreased range of motion left behind from injury or surgery, and dovetails wonderfully with Physical Therapy or Chiropractic care.  

Since specializing in MFR in 2009, Jan's MFR treatments have resolved most symptoms within 3-6 sessions. A huge savings over most other treatment options, and without the dangers of drugs. 

Massage Therapy

"How To" Clinics

Message Therapy

        Common complaints include neck, shoulders, back or hip pain. Knees, calves and feet also make the list. Combined, these cover most of the human body!

Most of these aches and pains are preventable through movement, good nutrition, balance, and knowledge.

Jan's experience in rehab medicine taught patients from many different professions how to re-posture themselves to safely perform their jobs without exacerbating their previous injuries, and without re-injury. 

She has worked with nurses, EMT's, construction workers, factory workers, administrative workers, white collar, blue collar,... you name it.

The principles are the same. And you can learn them in Jan's "How To" Clinics.

Jan's "How To" clinics will teach you how to remedy these complaints, often combining Personal Training with Massage Therapy, as needed, to reach the best possible outcomes. 

Clinics are short and can be taken one-on-one or in small groups.

Get a few of your good friends or co-workers together and split the cost. The knowledge and skills you gain could save your career and keep you more healthy for life.

 "How To" Clinics

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When booking your appointment on-line, choose Jan Shaw as your practitioner for Personal Training, Myofascial Massage, $29 Tuesdays, or the Free 30-minute Consultation.  

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