About Jan Shaw

Born at the coast, raised in the Upsate, and establishing her career in the Midlands, Jan completed her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina-Columbia. She is a professional member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

A four-season athlete most of her life, Jan has always loved to move. Being one of the first to be picked in sports also brought a sincere compassion for those who were overlooked or had no interest in sports. Later learning the devistations of chronic disease and realizing that one of the most simple preventions of chronic disease is movement, Jan determined to dedicate her life to encouraging and teaching people how to move with enjoyment and reasonableness.

Having worked in Veterinary, Internal, Hospital and Rehabilitative Medicines, Jan has improved function in patients with a myriad of diagnoses and injuries. She has taught Back Education to corporate employees and developed exercise programs for patients limited by pulmonary, cardiac, cerebral and physical mis-haps. She also taught patients safe methods of performing their job tasks, re-conditioned them for work,  and assessed work environments for ergonomic correctness.

Realizing that, after all of these skilled improvements, many patients remained in pain from their mis-haps, Jan studied the benefits of soft tissue manipulation, and became a Massage/Bodywork Therapist (SC license # 1935), later specializing in the therapeutic work of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy.

In 2001, Jan created and successfully operated The Balance Institute until 2015, and now operates Jan Shaw Personal Training & Massage Therapy.

Based in West Columbia, South Carolina, Jan Shaw is a trainer and massage therapist who has a history of helping her clients restore mobility and eliminate pain. While she's not the harsh trainer that will whip you into iron-man shape, she will help you improve strength in your legs, arms & trunk, improve endurance, stamina, balance, and overall health. She is a kind, former four-season athlete, who has worked in the medical field for more than 30 years. Whether she is at work or staying active, Jan is focused on improving lives - hers, and those of her clients.

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