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"How to Balance Your Head"

... to reduce neck strain and headaches.

Looking down at your desktop, straining to see your computer, fighting your car's headrest... 

These are everyday ways that we press our heads forward and down, diverting the 8-14 pound weight of the head onto the rear neck muscles and protruding the neck discs backwards toward the spinal nerves!

No wonder people have neck pain! No wonder people have headaches!

The "How To Balance Your Head" How To clinic will teach you how to :

  • find your head's neutral position
  • change the objects around you to suit your neck and head
  • strengthen weak neck muscles to balance the weight of your head on your neck
  • stretch the neck and shoulders to make keeping this position easier

4 Sessions of 1/2 hour each    $160 

Group Clinic, 4- 1/2 hour sessions (up to 5 participants)    $200


"How To Lift Things"

... to reduce back pain and avoid injuries

Lifting cat litter out of the trunk, moving the couch to a different wall, sliding a patient from bed to gurney, lifting a sheet of plywood off a pile. Most people claim they "know how to lift". Yet, back injuries due to lifting are a huge part of emergency room and doctor visits. Even bending the knees a little bit is not all there is to pain free lifting.

It is not normal to hurt when you lift. 

The "How To Lift Things" How To clinic will teach you how to:

  • find your back's neutral position
  • move the rest of your body to help you keep this position
  • adjust things around you to suit your back
  • strengthen what's weak, stretch what's tight
  • know when not to lift something

4 sessions of 1/2 hour each   $160

Group Clinic, 4- 1/2 hour sessions, (up to 5 participants)   $200

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