Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

The ultimate goal of any Therapeutic Massage technique is to soften and, thereby mobilize, the tissues.

Softening and mobilizing the tissues allows:

freedom of movements - so the bones and joints can move properly through their entire ranges of motion, creating space in the joints which keeps the bones from rubbing against eachother, restoring the proper biomechanics of joint positions which keeps joints resting in their designed places reducing wear and tear on cartilage and ligaments. 

freedom of fluid flow - so blood, lymph, cellular waste products (commonly called "toxins", but not all are toxic - some can be recycled), oxygen and nutrition can flow without interruption to and from every cell in the body; 

and, freedom of posture - so your body can sit, stand, walk and flow through space effortlessly and comfortably.

MFR is a Therapeutic Massage technique that treats the living "mesh", or "fabric" of the body. MFR is comfortable and treats areas that are painful, numb, tingling, weak, or difficult to move. This allows the body freedom to move.  It takes pressure off of muscles and critical structures like nerves and blood vessels.

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You can learn more about the John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy technique at 

Why Jan practices Therapeutic Massage and specializes in the John Barnes Myofascial Release technique:

After spending many years as a medically based Exercise Physiologist, Jan found that many of her rehab patients ended their multi-disciplinary therapies still in pain, and with limited ranges of motion. To further help her patients fully recover, Jan became a massage therapist (SC# 1935), later specializing in John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release Therapy . This specialty involves a gentle stretch and hold technique that gradually works deeper to mobilize and free tissues. It works well on recent cases and those as old as twenty, plus, years. 

Prices of Massage Sessions

(SC license # 1935)

• Single Half-Hour Session - $45.00
• Single Hour Session - $75.00
• "Try Me" Package - Three, Half-Hour Sessions ($40 per session)- $120.00
• "Try Me" Package - Three, Hour Sessions ($65 per session) - $195.00

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$29 Tuesdays 

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