Personal Training, Myofascial Massage Therapy & How To Clinics

 Do your shoulders hurt? Are you spending too much time at your desk? Find yourself grunting as you stand up from sitting a while?

Sore feet? Over-working some parts of the body?

Can't get up and down from the floor anymore? Afraid of falling? Having trouble keeping up with grandkids, friends on vacation, spouse?

Have you received a troubling report from the doctor? Something mobility and exercise can help?

Don't like gyms? Not your scene?

You've come to the right place.

Jan can restore freedom to move with Myofascial Release Massage Therapy (MFR); and improve strength, endurance, and balance with Exercise Training. 

 Jan's "How To" clinics will teach you how to hold your head, sit, and lift without pain.

Many clients take advantage of Jan's unique expertise. And with decades of knowledge in rehab medicine & injury prevention and management, Jan knows how to work with most medical diagnoses and talk with your physician, or other health care practitioners, to assure your comfort and safety during your sessions. 

Personal Training  Massage Therapy How To Clinics

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