Personal Training

Your personal training sessions begin with a review of your medical history, current complaints, concerns and goals. Jan will hear your story and ask you questions. You will then move confidently through a series of exercise tests to determine your current safe abilities.  She then designs a program based on your capabilities, goals, and comfort level, and works at your pace to assure you remain safe and confident.

Jan's past healthcare experience includes cardiac, respiratory, physcial, work injury, and spinal rehabilitations. 

Her technique is to assign exercise that is functional with as much variety as possible.

Her Personal Training gym is private for conversation, movement abilities,  and for those who are self-conscious in other gym atmospheres.

Common client goals include: 

better endurance
better leg strength
to eliminate
under arm "wings"
improve abdominal strength
reduce back pain

Prices of Training

Single sessions:                                             1/2-hour                        1-Hour
                                                                            $30                                $40

Monthly Packages

Monthly packages are available and provide lower pricing than purchasing single sessions. They are paid up front & can begin at any time during the month. Clients often move from one package to another as needs and motivations change.

No contracts.

I offer three popular options: 

                                                                 1/2-hour Package            1-Hour Package

 Weekly Suppliment: (4 total sessions)          $120                           $160

Once weekly. When you're just returning to exercise, need some instruction for your own home program, or when you plan to exercise on your own and just need some accountability. This frequency is just enough to maintain a current state of function, learn some pain-reducing postures or habits, may improve some health parameters, and warms you up for a more frequent workout program.

Start-Up Program: (8 total sessions)              $200                            $280
 Two times weekly. Frequent enough to make gradual gains on a comfortable, or on-going, schedule. We see improvements in body weight, cholesterols and blood pressures within just a couple of months with this fequency. Beyond two months we've also seen improvements in bone density.

Seriously Involved: (12 total sessions)          $270                            $400

Three times weekly. When you need results fast, are tackling a serious problem, need to get over a plateau, or just can't get it done on your own.

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