I am grateful to have worked with so many great clients in my career. My goal is to improve lives through improving the Structure of those lives. As such, I have received hundreds of wonderful reviews. Since no one practitioner is perfect for every client's needs, I will gladly suggest other practitioners or modalities to those clients who need them. This is part of my dedicated and honest service to you. Learn how I may help you through these success stories. -- Jan

Most Recent Comments

Amazing pain relief

I was referred to Jan Shaw by a physical therapist who had tried everything she could do to help tendinopathy in my legs, with limited success. In 2 sessions with Jan, I had so much relief I was able to go on vacation and do lots of walking. She has also helped my chronic neck and back pain, pain in a finger, and will soon work on my knee. There is no pain during treatment, Jan is very gentle. She has helped me more than PT, trigger point shots and medication. I can't recommend her highly enough.  -- JB December 2018


When I first came to Jan I was in a lot of pain. I've suffered from chronic pain for the last 6 yrs following a injury. I have got a lot of pain relief using the myofascial release technique. I really enjoy Jan. She is such a genuine and sincere person. I would recommend anyone to give her a try. I don't think you'd be dissappointed.  -- BS August 2018

MFR is different

"My other therapists worked just with the muscles. Your work is more structural." -- May 2018

TMJ and TN relief

"For years I have been dealing with TMJ disorders and trigeminal neuralgia. After my first session with Jan, there was relief. Now 6 sessions later, I am free from all prescription medications for pain and neuralgia. Myofascial release is an interesting technique and one that Jan is adept at administering. Jan is a credit to the medical profession and someone that I recommend highly. Don't wait!"   -- BC November 2017

Neck Pain Relief

"I had severe neck soreness/pain with very limited range of motion. I had two Chiropractic Sessions with minimal relief. I was desperate for relief. After one session with Jan, my neck is feeling much better and I have improved range of motion. I plan to go back to Jan periodically. I highly recommend her."        -- DH November 2017

Ten Years...

"TEN YEARS I suffered with pain in my right hand. Aching, burning, throbbing, numbness. I was nevr convinced it was carpal tunnel but went to physical therapy and had severely painful injections in the base of my palm. One day last spring I was in so much pain I called around to see if anyone could help me find some relief. Jan responded to me. She had 30 minutes at the end of her day. Thank God, and Jan. After 6 short sessions I have been pain free for months now." -- B.D. September 2017           

Personal Training Testimonials

Medical System Run-a-round
“After dealing with this diagnosis for years… you know how Medicare is, they get you into therapy when you’re weak, build you up then let you go, to get weak again. No one keeps a program going to maintain that strength. This is it.”
— JM 

Training for fun and survival
"After seeing Jan for training and massage for many years. I developed a serious infection which resulted in a 3 month hospitalization. The doctors believe my survival and recovery were in large part a result of the strength I had developed from my time with Jan. And I just thought I was having fun. Glad to be working with such a competent, experienced, and caring professional. Glad to be back!"
— LA

Therapeutic Massage Testimonials

What I like...

Jan is a caring professional who is very competent and encouraging. Her extensive experience has been quite valuable! I now know what I need to do and she keeps me on track. I highly recommend Jan! No pressure with great guidance. -- N.W. September 2017

Osteoarthritis Pain

Had a 30-minute session with Jan. She definately gave me some relief from my chronic condition. Her technique is spot on. I would definately recommend her to anyone that has back issues. -- S.D. July 2017

"...She told me that she credits you completely for this surgery going so well. You are amazing!" -- Client's friend, June 2017


This (massage treatment) has helped me more than all the medicine I've taken for 15 years! -- ER 2017

Shoulder Pain and Finger Numbness Relief

You recently treated me for a sore shoulder that I mentioned having (alongside numb index finger). I had two myofascial release appts. with you... I came in for my 60 minute appt. right after a morning Sprint class, when I think my muscles were warmed up and it was a good time to work further on the painful area. All this to say that I'm feeling much better. I immediately noticed ~80% less pain in the shoulder after you worked on it. The rest of the pain went away after the next few days. The numb/tingling finger was still present, but as each week went by, I have noticed less numbness and no tingling. I can finally say in the last 2-3 days I can no longer feel the numbness in the finger. So everything took time, but I can certainly point to that day as the start of things getting better. I wanted to thank you very much... I will recommend you to anyone else I think can benefit from this therapy. I appreciate your skill. -- NF May 2017

Personable, respectful, caring, effective! Thank you, Jan! 

It has been a plesure working with you and your skills have made a huge difference in my progress. I can't thank you enough for that.  -- CW May 2017

"This is the longest in three years that my back hasn't hurt every day."  -- Anne

"The myofascial release is a very beneficial treatment. After just two 30-minute sessions, I was able to sleep an entire night without waking up from back pain. I would highly recommend it!"  -- Kelly

"Today was the first time in months I've been able to get out of bed without my knee hurting. Jan was able to produce immediate results during my session. I look forward to continued results."     - Benjamin

Very Professional
“I had been going to a chiropractor for neck pain and tightness in shoulders, but with no relief. Called and made an appointment with Jan Shaw. She suggested Myofascial Release. It was wonderful! After 3 visits the neck pain is gone and it has been almost 3 months. I highly recommend Balance Institute! Thanks, Jan!”
Glenda M. 

Myofascial Release
“A wonderful non invasive, non intrusive treatment rendered by a knowledgeable; and well experienced massage therapist. The hour’s session was both relaxing and restorative. My chronic lower back pain receded to a minimum; and was still at that level the following day. Highly recommended. Thank you Jan (Shaw) for helping me feel better.”
— Robert M

Great Experience
“Jan Shaw was professional and kind and took the time to understand my personal issues. I enjoyed working with her and will be back again.”
— CC

"Jan, I really appreciate what you were able to do today. I feel great!"  -- HH October 2016

Thank you ever so much!

I am amazed at how effective this therapy is for my condition! :-) 
“My leg has been SO much better since you worked on it. It's amazing!” Ruth (myofascial release) 2012

Workouts work!

"I have been taking weekly one-hour work-outs with Jan Shaw for more than a year. I was amazed when a few months ago I had the first normal bone scan in years. At 61, I could stop taking those "bone drugs" and feel much more in control of my health. The routine of going once a week to work with Jan has also been good for my self confidence. I appreciate the wonderful massages she gives, but the benefits of working out are more important for me. I appreciate her skill and care."
— AM

Spot On!
“Jan’s training program has helped me slim down and tone body muscle. Paired with Pilates once a week I am re-building my core and reaching my goals.”
—Theresa T.

I feel like I have found a home.
"I was so excited when I learned of The Balance Institute's existence that I couldn't wait to get an appointment and see what it was all about. After my first consultation with Jan I knew that this was a decision that I would be grateful for for the rest of my life. Thank you for what you do! "
— JR July 2012

" Jan Shaw, the personal trainer is phenomenal at working with "couch potatoes" like me who want to be more active, and people with just about any physical problems. She's wonderfully motivational without being at all like a drill sergeant. I always walk out of there feeling 100% better than when I walked in. I can't say enough good things about it!"
— Beverley D. Feb 03, 2010

“I was very pleased with Jan… My massage was only 30 minutes but a lot was accomplished in that time period. My muscles were very happy. "
— SW

Personalized, Friendly Service
“I’ve received both massage and personal training from Jan, and I love the way she targets both to exactly what you need. With massage Jan focused on my heel, which has Plantar Fasciitis. For the training, she does a health check first to see the condition you’re in, and then she designs a program of both cardio and strength training in a way that challenges you without wearing you out; in fact, I feel energized after my workouts! I’m glad to have discovered The Balance Institute.”
— Theresa Madden 

Best therapist in the midlands
"I have recommended  jan shaw to many of my friends and colleagues. They have always thanked me and been completely satisfied"
— Nancy D. January 2010

Great find!!
"I was more than satisfied with the attentive service and packages offered. The atmosphere is causal and light but yet focused on making the most of the training time. If too many more services or products are added, I think it will take away from the one on one personal service Ms. Shaw offers. My only suggestion would be to update the seating area and entrance. An updated image may just give that extra pop for potential clients. I sing her praises."

— Gail R. December 2009

Intuitive healing touch
“Have seen Jan for several years as a trainer but more recently as a massage therapist. She certainly has healing hands with a gentle touch. Had serious unexplained sharp back pain one day, saw Jan the next and had instant relief from the sharp pain and the pain totally went away in 2 more days. Jan has intuitive healing touch coupled with a genuine desire to help each person move towards improved health.”
— Lynne H.

“I so appreciate the help I have received at The Balance Institute. Jan has kept me from having to have surgery or, at least, shots for the pain from spinal stynosis. I am going and doing most everything I want. Thanks TBI.”
— DH 

Myofascial Release
“A wonderful non invasive, non intrusive treatment rendered by a knowledgeable; and well experienced massage therapist. The hour’s session was both relaxing and restorative. My chronic lower back pain receded to a minimum; and was still at that level the following day. Highly recommended. Thank you Jan (Shaw) for helping me feel better.”
— Robert M. 

A Miracle
"I do not understand how this is possible but I have a neurological condition, BMS,that has been constant pain for over 10 years and Jan gave me relief when no one else could. She is a saint! There are not words strong enough to begin to thank her for this miracle. Having been to every doctor possible, it is amazing that Jan knows a lot more than they do. I can't wait for my next appointment. lw"
— August 2014

Couch potatoes welcome!
“I’ve been going to TBI for physical training and massages for years, and I plan to go for years more. As a life-long couch potato with weight issues, I was intimidated by gyms and drill-sergeant trainers, but TBI is not that place. Jan Shaw is outstanding as a physical trainer, massage therapist (magic!), and human being. I never thought I’d go to a gym, let alone look forward to it. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.”
— Bev D.

"I have been under Jan Shaw's guidance as an exercise physiologist for more than a year. She is patient, knowledgeable, and fun. I knew my sessions were helping, but recently I got proof of that when I had the first normal bone scan I'd had in years. No more Fosamax or Boniva for me!"
— AM

Well worth the time and money.
“A clean, quiet, professional office. Jan is a delightful professional who listens and engages many years of experience to achieve the results you are looking for. If you have a specific trouble area, especially challenging complaint, or can’t quite understand why your body won’t keep up with your game plan – Jan is the one to see. As an athlete herself, Jan listens with experience and sets a game plan that ensures success.”
— Joan

Caring and Concerned
“Jan is one of the most caring professionals I’ve ever met. She is deeply committed to helping her clients achieve their goals and is very invested in helping them recover and return to good health. Her personal concern and interest in her clients is commendable!”
— JM May 2014

Free Clinical Trial
“I have had one session of the therapeutic massage pertaining to the pain in my thumb and wrist area following surgery for my thumb 3 months ago. Once I got past 2 months of occupational therapy, my thumb, wrist, were very stiff and numbness still present. This one treatment has lightly stretched, loosened, my tendons and ligaments and cause a flow of life from my arm to my hand. Today 2 days after the treatment I am still having improvement. I highly recommend this therapy.
— N.Smith” 

Massage Review

“I had a positive experience with Jan she explained her technique of massage and how it should impact my pain.”
— Joy W.

“Jan was great. Although, I wanted the find and treat massage through Groupon Jan did a fine job. The scheduled therapist was sick and I didn’t want to change my appointment so I was placed with Jan who primarily does myofascial massages. I did feel relaxed after the treatment and glad I was able to get an appointment that day.”
— Robin H. September 2014

Amazing Relief
"Jan has such a caring and loving personality that is absolutely evident. She worked on my left leg and released the tightness from my calf and hamstring muscles by applying light pressure. I feel much better after my visit; I will go back during my basketball season. Thanks for your services. "
— EW August 2014

"I had my first massage ever with Jan. It was a MFR massage and concentrated on my sciatic issues. My pain is completely gone and has not returned since my massage. I look forward to more sessions!" Caryn March 2017

A Client Story

Professional testing to ensure client safety

Jan Shaw specializes in creating exercise programs that are individualized to your personal needs. In my case, because of my age (82) she has developed a program that is based on enhancing my balance and strength and has gradually intensified it in areas that I can best handle.

Of particular note, on my first visit she was monitoring my vital signs as I walked on the treadmill and when she detected an erratic heart rate she immediately stopped me and insisted that I see my cardiologist as soon as possible. In addition, she followed up by forwarding the results of her observations directly to my cardiologist. As a result, my cardiologist noted the urgency of my condition and scheduled an emergency surgery to insert a pacemaker to regulate my irregular heartbeat. I am convinced that Jan’s concern and prompt follow up saved my life.

This genuine concern for her clients is truly remarkable, and during our exercise sessions I value the way she provides encouragement and direction in such a low key manner that makes each visit totally stress free. JH 2015

Best I have found
“Jan is a massage therapist that can do so much more than just relax weary muscles. Jan is a thoughtful listener, experienced professional, and patient healer. My experience was that she could “fix” my muscle challenges and constant joint pain.”
— Joan  2014

Runners Repairs
“I am a distance runner in the Columbia area and periodically experience tightness in my calves. Jan’s slow release therapy has really helped me get back on the road. This method is painless and typically gets me back in three or four visits. Not like you get with most sports medicine massage therapists. I have recommended them to quite a few running friends and would recommend them to you as well.”
— Alan H. August 2014

“I had my first massage ever with Jan. It was a MFR massage and concentrated on my sciatic issues. My pain is completely gone and has not returned since my massage. I look forward to more session at The Balance Institute!”
Caryn L. 

Great massage!
"On the recommendation of my wife I went to see Jan at the Balance Institute for a massage. Having had a recent surgery, I was in need of a massage, yet somewhat hesitant due to my healing wounds. Jan did a great job, and was very attentive to my needs/limitations due to my condition. She seemed very knowledgeable about what she was doing as well. I was very impressed, and will be back soon. THANKS! "
-schealth  October 2013

GREAT treatment
“Jan is an incredible healer and helper. During my time on her table my muscles unwound in ways I never imagined – her work showed me just how my twisted muscles could be released to make my walking, sitting and sleeping pain free. This is, quite honestly, a miracle cure and Jan is also a kind person.”
— JW 

Just what the body kneaded
"I suffer from chronic migraines and see a range of specialists. Jan Shaw worked her magic with a myofascial release massage in a problem area and was able to relieve some tension that just didn't seem to want to let up for the specialists. I have and will always highly recommend her."

 One of a Kind/Myofascial Release
“I had 3 ortho surgeries & went through PT before being referred to Jan. She met me @ my level, worked w/me to meet (exceed) my goals and tailored services weekly. She is truly dedicated & has a caring demeanor. I received relief, an education & had some great conversations! More so than how much better I felt after just a few visits, others noticed how quickly I improved under her care. I would recommend to anyone, she far exceeded my expectations.
Getting my groove back!” 
—T. Moore June 2014 

Results for runner
"I run 3 or 4 days per week and was having trouble with my legs. I heard about The Balance Institute from runners in my group. I have only had two visits with Jan and it is amazing how much better I feel."
— AC 

Thank you, thank you!
“Jan Shaw is helping me with muscle spasms in my neck. After the first session I had so much relief – I hadn’t been able to turn my head for 4 days and the pain was constant. She did a fantastic job. Really knows her stuff. She’ll be my go-to when I have an issue like this from now on. Highly recommend her.”
— AW 

A Client Story

"My experience was an excellent one. Jan was very professional and a very talented massage therapist. She listened and provided just what I needed. It was a very relaxing and therapeutic experience and I felt much better when I left. I hope to be able to come again soon.

I appreciated the time Jan took to talk to me and answer my questions after the massage. I didn't feel she "pushed" the Balance Institute but gave me information I could use at any massage location. Because of this, I am more apt to return, even though it is on the opposite site of town from where I live.

I had such a positive experience from the beginning that I recommended the Balance Institute to others after my first visit.

I just wanted to feel better - my lower back pain was making me miserable, exhausted and depressed! I've had massages before but they hurt during and after the treatment and I didn't want to hurt anymore. I called the Balance Institute looking and hoping for a better outcome. I found it! I had such a positive experience from the beginning that I recommended the Balance Institute to others even after my first visit.

A one-of-a-kind place I always dreamed about."
— Dianne W. April 2010

A Client Story

Best Trainer I've Ever Had

"I intended to go to The Balance Institute temporarily for just a couple of months. I had multiple fractures to my ankle and my physical therapist suggested that I find a qualified trainer (graduate degree and 5+ yr of experience) who could help me after I completed PT. At the time I could do very limited walking with a cane and couldn’t drive. I belonged to a gym but wanted private one-on-one sessions not in a group setting. A former colleague recommended Jan Shaw and my insurance company listed her as a resource. I met with her and felt comfortable that she could come up with a program tailored to my needs and goals. I decided to work with her until I could walk well without a cane. That seemed like a pretty daunting task at the time. I was a bit cautious because my last trainer (with an exercise physiology degree, too) promised one-on-one sessions and a comprehensive program, but didn’t come through. But Jan seemed sincere and listened to me and she had years of Rehab experience. Jan Shaw has exceeded my expectations. Jan met with my physical therapist and my doctor and made sure that nothing she planned for me would cause problems down the line. I’ve used half dozen trainers over 20 years and no one has come close to Jan’s abilities as a trainer and skills working with people. She does not have the “one size fits all” program that so many trainers use and her goal was not to make me an athlete. I am a middle-aged woman and not athletic. A lot of trainers cater to younger and more able clients and roll their eyes when someone like me pops through the door.

It is clear when I arrive for a session that she has a carefully planned program for that session. A lot of trainers fake it as they go along, but she doesn’t. She has a full arsenal of exercises and no two sessions are ever the same. Hers are the most interesting workouts I’ve ever experienced. She pays attention to what I enjoy or want to accomplish. She pushes me without making me feel bad if it takes a while for me to master something. She is so positive that I go there and feel like I can do anything given the time. That said, if I’ve had a tough day or I don’t feel good and I tell her I really don’t want to do a particular exercise she comes up with an alternative. She never shames me for not wanting to do something. I can honestly say that I never dread going to my workouts like I have so often in the past. She’s compassionate and caring, but has whipped me into shape and made me a more thoughtful eater.

Eighteen months ago she started me on the treadmill at 1 mph. In under six months she had me in shape to take a long-planned hiking trip overseas. I have had couple of other unexpected physical setbacks along the way, but she adapted quickly to my limitations and we never missed a beat. Now I can jump rope, take 10-mile hikes and can run (which I didn’t do before I broke my leg!). It’s been an amazing journey with her and my family and I owe her much for helping me get my life back. I am long past my planned two months. If times get tight I’ll have to give up something else. I don’t even want to think about how much lower my quality of life would have been if I hadn’t found her."
— Anne L, January 2010

"At 62 being diabetic ,having high blood pressure, being depressed and overweight I went to Jan and found someone who was very knowledgeable and extremely positive and helpful.

Having at one time been a coach myself, I was not sure I would find a trainer I was willing to work with but in my first meeting with Jan I felt understood, respected and comfortable. She was accepting of where I was and seemed to sincerely feel she could help me become healthier and more fit.

From the beginning Jan tested me, assessed my abilities, provided encouragement and support and gently but increasingly challenged me. In creating a program for me she has taken into consideration: me, my interests, my health and my abilities.

As a result, in the year I have trained at the Balance Institute, I have not only improved my physical fitness but have lowered my blood sugars, decreased my insulin, lowered my blood pressure, decreased my depression, improved my eating, and lost a significant amount of weight. I feel much better about my self and have increasingly become committed to taking better care of myself.

I am continuing to work with Jan and recommend the Balance Institute as a place to train under a highly qualified, committed professional who is willing and capable of designing and helping you to follow thru with a program tailored to your needs."
— Lynne H. December 2009

Very satisfied with the results I am getting.

"I was trying to do yoga with an instructor and did not have the core strength to do the exercises. The instructor recommended that I go to The Balance Institute, and I have been going there ever since, for at least 2 years now.

I like the way that Jan tailors the exercises to what you need and what you can do without injuring yourself. I am 73 and have bad arthritis, so I cannot be doing a lot of things that are hard on the joints, such as running.

Jan evaluates you before you do any training and takes everything into consideration. She comes up with a plan and it works. I am very satisfied with the results I am getting."
— Jackie D. December 2009

"I started training with Jan at the balance Institute 2 years ago and I have decreased my insulin, lowered my blood pressure, begun working out at least 5 days a week, walked in numerous 5K's, lost apx 50 pounds, and started training for a triathlon. Jan has been a great ally in my move towards better health..I started at 2.8 on the treadmill and am now up to running for a short time at 5.0. I feel better physically and emotionally and Jan's positive, gradual, challenging, encouraging, and safe approach has been a tremendous help. I have experienced some plateaus but Jan's patience and persistence has always gotten me back on track. My thanks to Jan and the other great staff" ---2008

"Great place with a fantastic staff. The Balance Institute keeps you motivated to lose weight, get in shape, and feel better. My husband and I initially started going there when he was looking for a trainer to get him in shape. I needed help following an injury I had, a broken ankle, for which I had already done as much physical therapy as I could.

We both started working with Jan, who was easygoing and helpful in suggesting things that could help. The staff at The Balance Institute is fantastic. You go in and feel as if you are part of the family. I also think that it is very comfortable for middle-aged people like us.

My husband and I worked with Jan for a year, maybe more. We were never sore no matter what we did, which was different from other exercising we had done in the past. I also have had the massages at The Balance Institute, which are wonderful.

I have highly recommended The Balance Institute to a lot of people. We definitely plan to continue working with them."
— Cas W. November 2009