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Jan's Mission

It is the mission of Jan Shaw Personal Training & Massage Therapy of West Columbia, South Carolina to assist clients in maintaining or restoring their optimal state of physiological functioning, thereby reducing the occurrence of physiological dysfunction, disorder, and disease, as well as improving the overall quality of life for her clients.

This mission is accomplished through the provision of the separate or combined services of personal exercise training and therapeutic massage. 

Jan's Philosophy

The human body was designed to work. It functions optimally under a proper balance of work and rest/relaxation.

The human body is designed to function without pain or disease and within optimal limits of chemical concentrations, muscle lengths, loads, and stresses. Optimal physiological balance can be maintained through consistent stimulation of work, activity, exercise, proper nutrition, and emotional contentment. The human body is designed to adapt to forces, pressures, and chemical changes that drive it outside of its optimal limits of physiological function. When the human body is consistently driven outside of its optimal limits of physiological functioning, non-optimal resetting of balance occurs, which may manifest as dysfunction, disorder, disease, and or death.

Non-optimal physiological balance can often be restored to optimum balance through work, activity, exercise, nutrition, and emotional contentment. It is the role of this clinician to help maintain or restore optimal physiological functioning throughout the client's adult life.